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Modern construction firms use Miter to manage onboarding, timesheets, payroll, reporting, compliance, and more.

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Everything in one place.

Miter eliminates busywork with an integrated solution, built for construction.

Time and payroll.
Together at last.

Team members use Miter's mobile app to submit timesheets from the field.
Add submitted timesheets directly to payrolls.
Pay W2 employees and 1099 contractors with ease from the same platform.

Put reporting and compliance on autopilot.

Create 10+ construction-specific forms and reports in just a few clicks.
Go paperless with integrated e-signature functionality.
Share reports and documents with primes and agencies.

Grow your business.

Win more public sector jobs with tough reporting requirements.
Streamline your new team member onboarding process.
Avoid costly fines and penalties.

We're here to help.

White-glove onboarding from labor compliance experts.
Fast and reliable support via phone or text.
Robust help center with detailed how-to guides and labor compliance articles.

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