Blazing fast construction payroll

Miter's construction-specific payroll system saves you time and headaches with built in wage rates, daily labor cost and prevailing wage reporting, accounting integrations, and more

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Payroll shouldn't take days out of your week.

Construction payroll has many moving parts. You must juggle different pay rates, union fringes, workers' compensation, prevailing wages and Davis-Bacon requirements. It all adds up to take hours or days to simply run payroll.

We built Miter to solve these challenges with the most powerful, simplest payroll solution possible. We save you hours per week by automatically capturing time tracking data from the field, filing all of your payroll taxes, reporting workers' comp, managing PTO, generating 20+ construction compliance reports, and integrating with your accounting system.


Speed, compliance, peace of mind.

Powerful Reporting

Review your daily labor costs in real-time with your detailed activity cost reporting and understand which activities drive spikes. Generate 20+ 
reports (e.g., WH-347, Fringe Benefit Statement) with one click.

Custom Pay Rates

Automatically calculate gross wages with custom pay rates at the company or the job-level. Configure rates once and save time on every payroll. Works with prevailing wage and custom cost codes.

Simple Onboarding

Send your workers an SMS text message to capture bank details and withholding information through our secure portal. Workers can access their paystubs and tax forms all through their mobile app.

Robust Integrations

Integrate with your accounting system (e.g., Quickbooks, Sage, Foundation) or your benefits administration system to streamline reporting and reduce manual work.


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Import mobile timesheets built for construction. 100% free for all users.


Generate 15+ construction-specific reports with a single click.

Expense Management

Create physical cards for your team with strict spend controls and reporting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the payroll module in order to use timesheets or expense cards?

No, we offer timesheets and expense cards as distinct solutions from payroll. We believe that all three modules work best when used in tandem, but they aren't required.

How can I contact support if I need help?

We offer dedicated account representatives for all of our payroll customers. You'll always have someone who you know and trust who can resolve your issues.

How long does onboarding take for my team?

We expect onboarding to take just under two weeks in most cases. Your Miter onboarding specialist will handle the heavy lifting for the data transfer, and then focus on training and onboarding your team.

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